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Painting garage door

Property maintenance

Wether its drains and guttering blocked, a leaking roof, a crack in the wall, rotting woodwork, or loose materials falling off the building, we take tools, skill and experience and apply durable fixes to these problems so you can tick them off the list.

Home improvements, no matter how small, have a durable impact on your daily living. A leaking tap that causes interrupted sleep, a nasty coffee mark on a wall and crumbling mortar are troublesome and can lead to stress and other structural problems down the line. Protecting your property against the weather is as important as making interiors comfortable and tidy.

Filling in cracks on house


For commercial and office building we undertake all types of fitting and refurbishment: kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and furniture. We also carry out decorating and general repair work for interiors, as well as painting and general repairs to exteriors.

Always aware of health and safety factors in the workplace MSGM advises on work methods, costs and work required to meet regulations, and manages maintenance work to meet standards.

Roof weatherproofing with bitumen paint

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Building Maintenance Contractors

Repairs to paving

Home owners, landlords, and building managers can benefit from our seasoned team of multi skilled contractors. Throughout our website you can find a large number of examples of different repair work carried out on residential and commercial buildings.

To increase well-being, comfort and money value of properties our property maintenance services make right those parts that require attention. Carpentry, plumbing, plastering, roof repairs and floor repairs are just some of the jobs we undertake.

Repairs to crumbling ceiling

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