New front lawn installed, path built and gravel driveway

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New front garden to be built

MSGM building contractors cover all aspects of lawn installation, driveways, paving, concretting and general garden maintenance.

Installing new lawn

As in this example where we turned a dry and dusty front garden into a new lawn with a path through it and a driveway covered in gravel, we make the most out of exterior spaces.

We dug out the middle path and used concrete, timber and concrete tiles to built it, and removed the top layer of soil, then proceded to put in new soil bought locally to even out the garden and so then place the new lawn on fresh soil. The same was done for the section leading from the road to the garage, where owner of the property decided it would be best to lay gravel.

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Laying a new lawn in front garden New gardens built

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Lawn Installation & Driveways

New front garden built

An example of a untidy front garden of hard dirt transformed into a lush green lawn with a tiled path, and a driveway section of gravel. MSGM carrys out this sort of garden building work, installing lawns, building paths, paving work and driveways, and general garden maintenance work.

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