Window and door frame repairs and painting


Exterior repairs carried out

Here you can see the rotting woodwork that makes up some window and door frames. The owner of this property decided to have the frames, window ledges and doorsill repaired and painted.

Window ledge crack repaired

A property maintenance job such as this one, if not taken care of and repaired, could lead to other inconveniences. Rotting unprotected wood invites damp spots and water damage inside the building.

We sent a carpentry specialist who replaced the rotten wooden frames, fitted and new doorsill, filled in cracks on some window ledges, and ended the job with a fresh coat of weatherproof paint on all windows and door frames.

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Window frames repaired and painted Window frames and ledges painted

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Rotting window frame

MSGM maintenance contractors cover many of the small tasks that make a big difference.

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