Rebuilding parapet wall, chimeny repair and brickwork pointing


Chimney pots and stack repair

This is an example of roofing and building maintenance work consisting of making good the chimney flaunching, rebuilding a couple of courses on parapet wall, sealing lead flashing, and pointing the chimney stack brickwork and parapet wall.

Chimney stack pointing

This roof repair job involved contracting scaffolding services, stripping old mortar, old brick and lead flashing from chimney flaunching and brickwork, and fitting new lead flashing, sealant around lead flashings, and new mortar to all brickwork.

The brickwork pointing to the chimney stack was done after the chimney flaunching was rendered. Then, the brickwork for the parapet wall, and finally remaining brickwork pointing and sealing of lead flashing around chimney and roof.

New materials used included cement and slate, lead, and lead sealant. We always try and salvage materials. In this roof maintenance job we were able to save and reuse some bricks taken from the parapet wall.

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Building parapet wall on roof Parapet wall built

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Roof Repairs, Pointing Brickwork

Chimney stack pointing image

On this roof maintenance project old material was stripped off brickwork and chimney, and a few courses of the parapet wall were rebuild, new render applied to the chimney flaunching and brickwork, and sealant applied to lead flashing.

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