Repairing chimney flaunching and pots


Old chimney flaunching stripped

It was time to get this crumbling chimney flaunching repaired and chimney pots replaced before they fell off the roof onto the pavement.

Roof repairs to chimney flaunching

Once the local scaffolding firm built access to the roof we stripped the chimney of decayed materials, chimney pots and some of the brickwork, and cleaned thoroughly the surfaces to be rendered.

Inside the chimney flue we pointed the brickwork and built up where bricks were missing, then applied the new render on the flaunching and to the brickwork.

The new chimney pots where fitted on cut slate, and fixed with mortar. Also, we re-rendered parts of the hips and ridge where roof tiles were starting to become loose.

This chimney repair job is an example of how important it is to get the roof checked and sorted out, specially if it hasn't in years. Loose materials on an old roof need to be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise a bit of wind and rain can cause big problems.

Chimney repairs underway Roof maintenance finished

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Chimney flaunching repairs

From the pictures in the gallery you can see the crumbling state of the mortar on this chimney. Chimney pots needed replacing and chimney brickwork reworked.

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