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New bathroom sink fitted

Here is a typical bathroom in a three bedroom house which we refurbished with new bath, sink and toilet units, new plumbing connections, new tiles and a fresh coat of paint.

Bathroom being refurbished

Stripping a bathroom such as this one takes one day, to take the tiles, units and floor out.

Once all old materials were taken out, we proceded to repair ceiling and wall cracks.

Then the new tiling was put on the walls which hold the bath, sink and toilet units. The wall opposite the bath was painted only. For this bathroom we used plain white ceramic tiles which are easy to clean and make shine.

When the tiling was firmly set we then fitted the new bath, toilet and sink units, connected the plumbing, boxed in the bath, and began laying the new laminate floor sections.

The final steps were grouting around the new units, and painting the ceilings, walls and skirting.

Old bathroom New bathroom fitted

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Bathroom Refurbishment

Old bathroom sink

An example of a bathroom stripped of old units, flooring and tiles, some repair work to cracks on the wall and ceiling, and fitting new units, tiles and flooring. Painting carried out as the final task in this bathroom refurbishment project.

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