Shower room refurbishment, plumbing, tiling, fitting and painting


Shower room retiled

Here you can see an example of a standard shower room in a house stripped and fitted with new units, new tiling and flooring.

Toilet and sink fitting

Upon taking the old shower out we had to install new pipes to connect the new shower slightly higher up the wall. Also we removed old skirting and boxed in water pipes.

New tiling consisting of plain white ceramic tiles was put on sections of the walls around the shower, sink, toliet and window sections. Once the tiling set, we repaired sections of the walls where pipework went in, boxed in pipes along the floor under the radiator, and proceded with fitting the floor.

Finally, once all units were fitted and floor was fitted we painted the ceiling and walls, pipes and skirting, and boxing in, and applied grout around tiles and new units.

New shower room fitted Shower room refit complete

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Shower Room Refurbishment

Shower room being tiled

MSGM refurbishment contractors undertaking refurbishment projects for interiors such as this shower room which we completely renovated with new materials and new units.

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