Repairing cracks and painting a room

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Room decorated

In this room in a 4 bedroom house the walls and ceiling showed cracks and the old coat of paint started to peel off.

Ceiling cracks repaired

First we stripped the old paint job from the walls and ceiling around the many cracks, and applied sealant and a thin plaster coat to smoothen the surface out before painting.

For this project the owner of the property decided to use plain white paint for all surfaces, including window frames and windowsill, and skirting. Once the sealant and plaster dried, we proceded to paint all surfaces with the selected plain white paint.

MSGM refurbishment contractors cover all aspects of painting and decorating work, and a variety of property repair tasks to raise comfort and integrity.

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Decorated hallway Decorating project complete

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Room with wall cracks repaired

Repairs carried out in a room where the ceiling and walls had cracks. MSGM refurbishment contractors cover this sort of property maintenance work to raise the buildings' integrity and ensure excellent and durable results when the painting is carried out.

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