Rebuilding an old porch


Old wooden porch image

An old wooden porch with rotting woodwork and loose floor tiles which the home owner decided to bring down and rebuild.

Timber porch being built

Included in the new porch were two side double glazed windows which replaced the old ones, and a few courses of bricks were built to raise the level of these windows.

We dismanteled the old porch and began rebuilding by adding the brickwork to the half walls, then built the main wooden frame and roof frame. Once the brickwork set we built the window frames joined to the main frame and roof frame, and boxed in above the windows and ceiling.

The roof was made with a waterproof membrane and slate black tiles, and new guttering fixed around the front of the porch. The finishing coats of paint were then applied and the few loose tiles on the floor replaced.

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Wooden porch being constructed New porch finished

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Old porch removed

For your properties' integrity and comfot level to increase we manage many building and refurb projects. This is an example of an old porch which we rebuilt with new timber, a little brickwork and painting work.

MSGM building contractors carry out house extensions, loft conversions, roof replacements and builds, fencing, general carpentry and brickwork, and interior refurbishment projects as well.

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