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Roofing Services

MSGM building contractors undertake roofing work consisting of new roof builds, roof replacements, roof maintenance, insulation fitting and loft conversions.

We make residences in and around Croydon stronger and more reliable with our durable building work. For roof replacements and builds we do carpentry work, brick and render work, lead flashing, guttering, and all tasks involved in roof builds and renovation projects.

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Roof Maintenance

Decay of the roof happens over time due to weather. It's best to get advise and repairs to avoid problems escalating. Damp spots, leaks, falling materials and blocked pipes will eventually ensue.

Sometimes all that is required is to get a ladder and remove leaves and twigs from guttering. In other cases new sealant must be used, broken or decaying materials replaced, or in cases where the property is aged, a complete roof rebuild may need to be carried out.

MSGM roofing contractors raise the integrity of residential and commercial buildings, manage all types of roofing projects, and are happy to give estimates and advise.

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General Roofing Services

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From roof builds and refurbishment, insulation fitting and general roof maintenance, loft conversions and extensions, we bring experience and skills for all types of roofing projects.

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